Lipofuze – Fuse your Lipoprotein to lose weight?

Is it genuine or just another scam? A popular diet pill investigated!

Late night infomercials promising the answer to all of your weight loss issues are all too common today. Trying to decipher which products are scams and which ones will actually deliver what they promise can be quite a headache, and often take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

All you want is a weight loss pill that works without all of the side effects and nonsense that comes along with it. The number one place most consumers turn to when looking for the best weight loss pill is online reviews. If one of the weight loss pills you’ve been contemplating is Lipofuze, we’ll give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Lipofuze Supplements – Not very effective

Lipofuze is a fat burning diet pill aimed at aiding you in your weight loss journey. The problem is that it may not be as effective as you may believe. One of the major selling points of these pills is that they use a minimal amount of ingredients in order to give you big results.

Not only that, but this supplement also states that it promotes muscle growth which is a bold claim for a weight loss supplement.
Since it’s recommended that you use weight loss pills in conjunction with regular exercise and diet, it’s difficult to attribute muscle gain to a weight loss pill if weight lifting is a part of your exercise routine.

Moving past the claims of muscle growth, Lipofuze does appear to aid in fat burning. One of the major ingredients in this weight loss supplement is a green tea extract called Green Select Phytosome. This ingredient has been clinically proven to aid in weight loss so the addition of it in these pills is a big positive.

Not for Everyone

This weight loss supplement may not be for everyone. It is advertised as an extreme weight loss solution and gives rapid fat loss.

However, many consumers have reported not seeing the immediate results they expected with these pills. Some consumers have actually reported seeing very little results after taking Lipofuze as well which may make you doubt the legitimacy of the rapid weight loss claims. While few have reported good result, plenty of users feedback suggests that it has sever side effects.

In fact, aside from the Green Tea extract, none of the other ingredients in Lipofuze have been clinically proven to aid in weight loss.

Is Lipofuse a Scam?

While there is no actual medical proof to back the claims of their ingredients resulting in weight loss (aside from green tea), some consumers have reported actual weight loss with these pills. The issue is that manufacturers may be over exaggerating the effectiveness of this product. Dodgy customers support is the number 1 complaint for this product

So to answer the question, Lipofuze may not be a scam but until there is some clinical support to prove the effectiveness of all its ingredients, this may be one weight loss supplement to skip.

Where to buy?

It can be bought directly from official website. However, as stated above, their customers support is below par. Many customers experienced problem with product delivery, returns and refund. Hence, my advice is to get it from reputable online merchants like Amazon. With Amazon you are guaranteed of good support, speedy delivery and cheap price. Right now, I could not find any valid discount codes.

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