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Capsiplex is one of the most popular diet pills available. It received great reviews and has helped thousands of people lose weight. It is the one that caught huge media attention and was featured on Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Sun… almost everywhere as a miracle slimming fat pill.

The feedback it got was so great that the creators have now released Capsiplex Plus! If you were a fan of the original, don’t worry, all of the things you loved about it are still there. With the addition of two ingredients (5-HTP and Bioperine), the new version takes the original metabolism booster the next level.

The Original

It’s impossible to review Capsiplex Plus without talking about what made the original Capsiplex so great. When it was first released, it was often referred to as the Chili Diet Pill because its main ingredients, Capsimax capsicum and Piperine, are derived from Chili Peppers.

It is clinically proven to burn up to 278 more calories every day. It is mainly a metabolism booster while it also suppresses appetite to some extent. Infact, it is cheaper alternative to dangerous anabolic steroids like Clenbuterol (what is clen?)

One of the greatest things about the original is that it uses all natural ingredients. You won’t find any pharmaceutical generated chemicals in these pills. When contemplating taking any type of supplement, you want to make sure that what you’re putting into your body is natural to help reduce the chance of negative side effects. Thankfully, both Capsiplex and Capsiplex Plus don’t pump you full of unnatural ingredients that will leave you headaches, insomnia, irritability and many added side effects that you’ll get from other supplements.

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Capsiplex vs. Capsiplex Plus

What separates Capsiplex Plus from its predecessor is the inclusion of 5-HTP and Bioperine in the ingredient list. This is a great advantage for us as consumers because it essentially gives us everything we need from a diet pill and so much more.

Much More than a Diet Pill

Capsiplex Plus does more than just help you lose weight. I highly recommend taking the pill before your workouts instead of after. It gives you an energy boost during workouts and you’ll notice that you’re breathing better due to the fact that they give you an oxygen uptake. The results I got were from taking one pill a day as instructed, so as long as you do the same you should get great results too.


5-HTP is a chemical that is naturally produced by you, so you’re not putting something foreign into your system. 5-HTP is converted from tryptophans which you get from food that you eat and is ultimately turned into Serotonin which helps regulate your mood and behavior. As a result, you’ll probably notice that once you start taking Capsiplex Plus you see positive changes in your attitude, mood, sleep, and of course your appetite.


The other new ingredient is Bioperine. This is an extract from Black Peppers. It’s used to help your body absorb nutrients better. I’ve noticed that this diet supplement seems to be more effective than the Capsiplex pills and have seen results quicker. Since there isn’t enough research out right now to back the claim, I cannot say 100% that the quicker benefits I’ve received are due to the Bioporine but I think it was at least partially responsible.

Frequently asked questions about Capsiplex

Q. Do you have excess fat that just won’t go away?

A. Capsiplex’s unique formula is specifically designed for weight control. Excess fat on unwanted areas can now easily be tackled with Capsiplex. 1 pill a day is all it takes. The amazing Capsicum formula has a thermogenic (increase of heat) effect on the body to use more calories. If you don’t want to exercise, then you should consider other supplements like phen24

Q. Do you feel tired and sluggish quite often?

A. One of the main problems with being overweight is tiredness and fatigue. Capsiplex is aimed at helping increase your energy levels and metabolism so that when you are trying to lose weight this is no longer an issue.

Q. Could I just eat hot red peppers to get the same effect as Capsiplex?

A. Unfortunately not. To experience the benefits of Capsicum one would have to consume 10 grams of red hot peppers every day for several weeks. Capsiplex has developed a patented encapsulated form of premium, highly concentrated natural capsicum extract. Using a proprietary matrix of coatings, Capsiplex capsicum extract is delivered through a controlled release mechanism that allows the body to process the extract without oral or gastric irritation.

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It’s hard to improve upon a product that’s as effective as Capsiplex but the Plus version has done it. Everything from the original is still there, but they have added to the formula which has enhanced it immensely.

Keep in mind that you should be taking these pills in addition to regular exercise. They advertise that you’ll see an additional 278 calories lost with your workouts but I think that might be a bit on the low side because I’ve noticed an extra 300-400 extra calories burned after an hour of working out.

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