5 Recipes to Stay on Diet this Summer

Never let your swimsuit body goes to waste this summer by pre planning the entire calories intake with a healthy choice of recipes.

Harricots Verts Salad with Crème Fraiche

healthy-snacksIt is time to start picking up all the fruits and vegetables from the garden and quickly turn your kitchen into a French cuisine fiesta with an easy Harricots Verts Salad with Crème Fraîche. This quick recipe will leaves anyone’s taste bud wanting more with its mild sour taste dressing and there will be more time in hands to hit the beach as it will takes less than 2 minute to serve.

Vegetables Crepe

Today, crepes are no longer a dessert only dish as this quick dish can be turn into vegetable crepes that is perfect for dinner. Filled with any vegetables picked up from the garden mix with some cheese, zucchini, and green beans together with a homemade sauce, this dish will give anyone enough energy during the day together with a complete nutrient intake.

Roasted Corn

For a perfect barbecue night, having a roasted corn with some basil vinaigrette as the side dish will make sure the body stay healthy during this great holiday season.

Grilled Chicken

For a healthy protein intake during this summer, grilling a chicken and serve with fresh blackberries together with spinach salad will do the job. The protein from the chicken combine with a good fruit and vegetables will keep the dish healthy.

Salmon Burger

Another great healthy dish for the summer is to make a salmon burger. Filed with all the required protein and nutrients like the Omega 6, this six minute recipes will be perfect for the whole family with some mayonnaise and bun.

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