Meat Makes You Fatty? Hidden Facts Revealed!

 Meat and Weight Loss

No more boring vegetarian diet

We are all aware that fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are food items that aid the body in effective weight loss. Meat products such as those found in beef, pork, and poultry were once deemed to be contributors to weight gain as they contain excessive calories; a feature that does not fit in a diet or weight loss equation. However, recent studies show the consumption of meat may actually be the key to faster weight loss. Results also reflect that a dieter’s level of health and well being are also improved by increasing the amount of meat in daily diet.

Can’t skip delicious meat – no way!

Who said meat is bad?

Who doesn’t crave for meat dishes? Except for strict vegetarians who simply forego meat consumption, individuals who go by a daily food plan includes meat as a staple mainly due to its rich flavor. It is a common misconception that meat products are unhealthy and should be eliminated from meals of those who would like to lose weight fast. Scientific studies reveal quite the contrary to this notion. Meat contains protein; a nutrient that is critical component of cells. Proteins supply the cells with its much needed energy and helps improve the immune system too.

When it comes to metabolism, proteins are the hardest to digest. The body expends substantial amounts of energy in order to break down and digest proteinrich food items into simpler components. By principle, one of the conditions to effective weight loss is that the body should burn more calories than what is actually consumes. This is exactly what happens when a dieter takes in ideal amounts of meat daily.

Body’s Energy System Explained

The body is conditioned to spend more of its energy towards breaking down meat, thus making it possible for weight loss to actually happen. In addition, it does take a while for the enzymes in the digestive system to break down protein for eventual absorption. This produces a feeling of satiety among dieters. The urge to snack in between major meals of the day is reduced with the inclusion of meat products into one’s diet. Nutrition experts all agree that meat definitely aids in weight loss and should be included in a dieter’s meal because of its thermogenic effects.

Before you go to the grocery and buy meat, you should understand that not all meat products feature calorie burning qualities. Only a few select meat products have been proven to provide weight loss and health benefits.

Not all meats are created equal. This holds true as there are two types of meat that are currently being sold in the market.

  • Grass fed animals is known to be on the lean side and contain more nutritional benefits. A large quantity of Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in grass fed beef. They also have low saturated fat content and minimal transfat as well.
  • Research shows that animal fed with processed grains has high saturated fat content and are low in Omega-3 fatty acids. Instead of speeding up weight loss, they slow down the rate of metabolism.

Which is the best meat?

Grass fed beef should be your #1 choice

When choosing meat products and other sources of protein, choose fish, poultry, nuts, beans, and grass fed beef instead. The meat section in the supermarket is labeled accordingly thus making it easier for you to shop for the healthier type of meat. Although a tad bit expensive than regular meat products, they are considered to be leaner and tastier thus making them a healthier option for individuals who are trying to lose weight.

Muscle building power

Lean meat also presents the benefit of preserving muscles for weight loss. Muscular people are known to burn more calories than those who are overweight and obese. It is then crucial that a weight loss plan should include lean meat and other protein-rich food sources as one of its critical ingredients.

A high-protein diet is also proven to be more effective than a low-carb diet. This is evident among individuals who have included lean meat and protein-rich foods as part of their weight loss plan and have stayed away from the consumption of carbohydrates. Dietitians recommend that those who would like to lose weight apply the high-protein diet during the initial stages of their weight loss plan. It is only ideal for short term weight loss or for those who are only planning to lose the last few pounds before starting on a wellbalanced diet.

Cholesterol regulator

In terms of cardiovascular health, lean meat consumption regulates the cholesterol levels as it helps in lowering down the bad cholesterol levels (LDL or low density lipoprotein) while increasing good cholesterol levels (High density lipoprotein or HDL) at the same time.

The risk of developing heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases are lowered among individuals who maintain a healthy dose of protein and lean meat in their daily meal plan. It is important to stay away from meat containing high concentrations of fat. The cooking method should also be taken into consideration. Frying and immersing lean meat in oils is an unhealthy practice. In addition, the nutrient concentration found in protein-rich food items are greatly reduced when they are deep fried as well.

Final word for slim enthusiastic…

Get muscular with protein rich diet

Weight control can only be achieved if dieters implement a well-balanced diet. Meat products should never be eliminated from a healthy diet plan as it supplies the body with the necessary proteins that are proven to help in healthy weight loss. Moderation is key and the intake of too much protein should also be avoided as this may cause nutritional imbalance; that which is unhealthy and may lead to disease development.


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