Fat Loss 4 Idiots – The Foolproof 11 day Diet Review

Before taking you through the review, let me make you very clear that this is a user review of FatLoss4Idiots.com diet program, I mean, I have personally followed the diet plan twice and I am writing this it based on my own experience.

I was inspired by all the positive remarks of 100’s of followers of the diet (on forums) and bought it to lose those last 10 pounds. I bought the add-on package wherein you get one more diet plan Called “Beyond Calories”. With some difficulty I followed it twice (Idiot proof diet once and Beyond calories once), but managed to lose 14 pounds together. I found Beyond calories a little easier. (details at the end)

I have read 100’s of  reviews and then decided to buy the diet. Let me tell you the truth, everyone is praising this Idiots diet, no one is pointing out the difficulties with following the diet.

FL4I – The Idiot Proof Diet Facts

Fat loss for idiots is an online based diet plan which provides a custom made 11 day diet menu (4 meals a day) and a set of 10 diet rules. And the people behind the Idiot proof diet guarantees that you can lose 9 lbs in the 11 days, if the11 day diet menu and the 10 diet rules are followed without any deviation.

How to access the 11 day diet menu 

When you buy Fat loss 4 idiots by paying $39 (or $39 + $16 for add-on package) you will be directed to their special membership site wherein you will be asked to create your own account. Once you log into your account you will be allowed to download.

  1. Diet Handbook – Covers some weight loss myths and 10 diet rules in detail and post diet rules to remain fit throughout life.
  2.  Diet menu generator – This can not be downloaded but can be only accessed to generate 11 day diet menu. When you click on on-line diet menu generator ( vegetarians select veg) you will be given a list of 36 food items in two columns, 18 on each column. You must choose between 7-15 foods from each side (for a total of up to 30 foods max). With just a click of mouse you will be given 11 day meal plan ( diet menu with 4 meals a day)
  3. You can download another diet plan called “Beyond Calories” diet – only if you have opted for add-on package by paying $16 extra. Beyond calories diet can be bought only with Idiot proof Diet, not separately. The detailed review of beyond calories diet plan will be given at the end.

To understand it even better, I’m adding screenshot of the members area.

Once you have bought the diet plan, you can have life time access to their website and can try different combinations of the foods to generate different 11 day diet menus (When you select different food items you will get different diet menu). Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet can be repeatedly followed any number of times till one reaches the weight loss goal but with a minimum gap of 3 days.

What are the 10 Idiot proof diet rules? ( Most of the rules are incorporated in the diet menu, so follower need to worry about them). Main rules are in bold letters


  1. Manipulate calories – there are 3 types of calories viz., Carbs, Protein, Fat. Manipulate these by manipulating the foods you eat ( Just ignore this, dieter has nothing to do with this rule as he gets his diet menu which has been prepared considering this )
  2. Eat 4 meals a day ( That means just follow the meal plan)
  3. Prepare meals at home ( There is nothing much to prepare)
  4. Rotate food by changing protein-carb ratio in the food ( Just ignore this, dieter has nothing to do with this rule as he gets his diet menu which has been prepared considering this )
  5. Eat your meals as plain as possible. (avoid using excessive condiments, sauces and toppings)
  6. Stop eating at the right time ( stop before you feel full)
  7. Drink only beverages which have 10 calories or less per glass.
  8. Drink more water ( 6-10 glasses daily)
  9. Walking – 2 thirty minute sessions or one 45 minutes session every day
  10. Stop looking for fat free foods.

The diet handbook also says sit-ups are of no use, never do intense exercises and why low carb diets don’t work. You can also have 1 glass of wine (optional) per day

Basic Facts about Fat loss – “Must know Facts” to understand how the Idiot proof Diet works.

The food you eat decides your metabolic rate. Metabolic rate is the rate at which our body burns calories and releases energy for our activities. The metabolic rate is the answer for why one is fat while the other is slim.

If metabolic rate is high the body burns more calories, when the calories from the food we ate get over and it starts burning even the stored calories which is nothing but fat; Fat loss is possible only by increasing metabolic rate. So how to boost our metabolic rate to burn fat?

If you do fasting it might adversely effect metabolism. Our body always tries to protect us, it predicts shortage of food when we starve ourselves and so it slows down the metabolic rate so that less calories are burned. Our body doesn’t know that we are fasting to lose weight.

So fasting and starving might not result in fat loss. To increase metabolic rate we need to eat right food in right quantity more often say 4-6 times a day. That is why it is said that the food you eat turns your fat burning furnace ON or OFF.

Calorie Shifting – Fat loss for idiots Diet Plan Foundation

They claim that Fat loss 4 idiots diet plan works on the basis of “ Calorie shifting theory”.

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What is Calorie Shifting?

Calorie Shifting is eating food in a particular pattern for 11 days by rotating protein – carb ratio in the food. For eg. One day Eat 3 Carb Meals and 1 Protein Meal and next day Eat 2 Carb Meals and 2 Protein Meals… like this, alter carb-protein ratio in a pattern for 11 days. ( the 11 day diet menu is prepared by the on-line diet menu generator using this theory )

How Does Calorie Shifting result in Fat Loss ? 

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet Plan’s Calorie shifting formula affects our metabolism in two ways:

  • It confuses our metabolism by rotating protein-carb ratio in the food. This never allows our body to predict what we are going to eat next. Thus calorie shifting does not allow our metabolic rate to decrease.
  • Calorie shifting boosts metabolism – This might be by including more protein meals in the menu. When we eat more protein it builds lean muscle mass. Muscle and bone, is collectively known as lean muscle mass. More the lean muscle mass, more the metabolism and more fat loss. The thermic effect from protein also results in increase in metabolic rate.

I think now you have understood what is metabolism, how it decides fat loss and what is Calorie Shifting. Though the diet suggests doing 45 minutes to 1 hour of walking, if you do some muscle building exercises, you might lose more weight. These exercises boost metabolic rate more or less permanently by building lean muscle mass.

The food options – The food that you are going to eat

Hard Boiled Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, Frozen Yogurt Dessert, Cottage Cheese,Milk, Regular Cheese Slices, Soy Cheese, soy milk, Banana Milk Shake, Fruit Salad Dessert,Garden Salad,Green & Red Vegetables, Mixed Vegetables, Orange-Pineapple

Baked Beans, Pinto Beans, Green Beans,Garbanzo Beans,Navy Beans, Macadamia Nuts,Prunes, Cashews, Walnuts,Almonds, Peanuts, Fresh Grapes, Fresh Apricots, Fresh Grapefruit, Green Vegetables, Fresh Apples,

Delicious Shrimp, Sandwich (any deli-meat style),Tuna Salad Plate, Broiled Sea Bass, Roast Beef Slices, Pastrami Slices, Ham Slices, Broiled Halibut,Turkey Slices, Broiled Flounder, Chicken … etc.

Sample Meal Plan (I selected non-veg food list and got the following meal plan for Day 3)

For any Meal you may eat any combination of the given foods that you wish (you may eat all or just 1 of the below foods, it’s up to you). There are NO LIMITS ON PORTIONS (you get to choose how much to eat —- but please remember that you must eat portions small enough so that you never feel “full”, that’s the only rule).

Sample Meal 1

  • Roast Beef Slices
  • Delicious Shrimp

Sample meal 2

  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Cottage Cheese

Sample meal 4

  • Broiled Halibut
  • Broiled Flounder

Meal # 3

  • Tuna Salad Plate
  • Chicken

Like this you get meal plans for 11 days. Note that you can take these meals in any order i.e., meal 1 at night or meal 2 in the morning. It is left to you to decide the order but must not deviate from menu.

Problems and Difficulties with following Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet menu:

This is more important than anything that one must know before buying the diet. Let me tell you frankly, I found it slightly difficult to follow the menu for 11 days without any deviation.

Let me compare what do others say on Idiot proof diet with my experience with it;

  • Very easy and practicable (Not easy but practicable)
  • Cheapest diet with one time investment, life time access. (When you buy it is better to buy both the plans –11 day Idiots diet and 10 days Beyond calories – so the total cost is $55. Of course this diet plan is economical and worth the price because everything is done professionally and scientifically. )
  •   Easy access to 11 day diet menu – This is true. Very simple procedure.
  •   No costly prepackaged food, heavy exercises – This is true, but we have to spend on food. As there is no dining-out, we can actually save a few pennies.
  • No starvation – I don’t agree. Though there are 4 meals a day, I was feeling hungry for the first 2 days. You have to stop eating before feeling full and are not supposed to take beverages having more than 10 calories.

Difficulties I faced with my 11 day diet 

I am a vegetarian and so I had very few options in the diet food list. I had to select only fruits, vegetables and pinto, navy and garbanzo beans.

(Can be bought only with Idiot proof diet)

You can also buy one more diet plan called “Beyond calories” with “Fat loss for idiots Plan” from the same diet program for $16. It is an alternative to Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet Plan and you can not buy this plan separately.

This is rather easy as it allows you to eat 6 times a day and gives you many options.

In Beyond Calories Plan they have grouped various foods into four categories.

You need to select favorite foods from different groups and prepare your meals according to the guidelines given. This is a 10 day diet plan.

There is no diet menu generator for this. So you will have to list down your favorite foods from the list given and prepare your 6 meals.

I followed ‘Beyond Calories” diet plan once and lost 5 lbs in 10 days. I found it little easier than Idiot proof diet, though not very easy.


You buy Fat Loss 4 Idiots and Beyond Calories diet plan only if;

  • You are deterministic
  • Want lose only 10-15 pounds quickly.
  • Can go for 45 minutes -1 hour walk daily

But if you buy Idiot Proof diet, you also buy Beyond Calories (you can take 6 meals a day) so that, like me, if you find Idiot diet menu difficult you can follow this at least.

My final conclusion:

Yes, this diet is doable though not highly practicable; it gives you quick result; very economical. Instead of wasting money on all those hocus-focus TV commercial fitness products and pills you can try Fat Loss 4 Idiots for sure. The only thing you need is “strong desire and commitment”


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Reference ,  research and further reading


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  2. Roger King says:

    I still can not access your site to buy your diet. My number is 214-232-2900

  3. Janet wallack says:

    Several years ago I paid for the 11 day diet. I stopped using it but I want to return for some weight loss. I was told that I would never have to pAy out any money after my initial payment. I have not been able to return to the site and use the food menus. Please help me . I was a member.

  4. Ellen faber says:

    I paid $40 many years ago and am supposed to have lifetime access. I don’t have the info any longer. Where can I get a login and have my password reset?

  5. Stephanie says:

    Hi, I wanted to begin the weight loss program again. i purchased it about 7 years ago, but the website is closed. I understood it was a one time purchase and i could go back as often as I wanted. Please guide me to the generator again.



  7. Patricia Grace says:

    I lost my information to get to the diet generator. I bought the program about 10 years ago. Could you please give me the website again

  8. Hello. I purchased the generator back in 2008. I lost 45 pounds. Of course, I had to do the 11 day diet at least 5 times to get those results. Anyway, when I first purchased the diet and generator, it said that I could use that generator for life. How can I get into the generator again? I still have the diet book in a pdf file so I don’t need that portion. I just need access to the generator.

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