Cold shower, Skip Breakfast, Black Coffee – it’s OMG Diet!

Skipping breakfast, taking cold shower, eating less fruits and drinking black coffee is the secret to get skinny within 6 weeks, according to Venice A Fulton (Pual Khanna), a British Sports Scientist, Personal trainer and author of the OMG Diet. You’ve heard of Dukan, scoffed fat on Atkins, fainted from drinking only honey and lemon […]

Kidney Friendly Diet Plan

The most important component in the blood of someone watching their kidney health is phosphorus. Even in a healthy kidney, it is most often overlooked because of its normal values. It only comes to focus on when dialysis is needed then it is watched closely. Usually, a kidney friendly diet is prescribed only to people […]

Amanda Hamilton Inspires Kate to Drop Over 2 Stone!

Kate’s Inspiring Weight Loss Success Story Kate Hills, 35, had tried every diet in the book. She wanted to lose weight to have a baby and nothing was working…until she discovered the Amanda Hamilton method. She lost two stone and is now the proud mother of baby Amelia! Continue reading her weight loss story below. […]

Fat Loss 4 Idiots – The Foolproof 11 day Diet Review

Everyone is praising Fat Loss 4 Idiots foolproof diet program, but nobody talks about difficulty in following it. I have personally tried this diet and wrote this review. This is a must read article before you buy the program.